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Ion Exchange Scrubber greatly reduce water consumption
  Ion Exchange Scrubber is Semi-Dry type gas abatement scrubber, utilizing self-cartridge refreshing solution and unique ion exchange fiber cartridge as are combine the function with Activated Carbone scrubber, Wet Scrubber and Bag filter.

 The IES incorporates many leading edge technology to make it an efficient scrubber with low operating costs that is reliable and easy to maintain.

 The nano technology Ion Exchange Cartridge combined with the self-refreshing function provides increased capacity. Because it is made from non consumable parts operating costs are minimized, and can be used to greatly reduce water consumption.              View catalogue

     S-fine chemical 400 CMM

Device for detecting an odor under continuously  (Patents 10-2006-14134)

  Apparatus for detecting an odor with a pre-treatment device and methods for calculating differences and expected odor intensity according to the diluents ratio using the apparatus                  View catalogue


G-waste treatment in KOREA

Certificate of
Environmental New-Technology

Wet scrubber to compatible, efficiency
 The 403W gas scrubber system is designed to remove or reduce substantially the hazard presented by some gases used during a manufacturing process
.  To achieve this scrubber captures the gases in the water via water dissolution for water-soluble gases or changes the chemical composition of them through reaction with water.
The 403W is a wet scrubber. It is designed for installation in a vacuum system, with the gas flowing through the equipment by the suction created by the facility exhaust system. It is composed of an easy cleaning inlet system in preparation for a process which produces much powder.
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